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Busspass från Stray New Zealand

Upplev Nya Zeeland med total flexibilitet med ett busspass från Stray.

Busspass från Kiwi Experience i Nya Zeeland

Oavsett vad du vill uppleva i Nya Zeeland ger Kiwi Experience dig vad du behöver och ger dig friheten att kastas in i oväntade situationer varje dag under hela resan.

New Zealand - Jucy Cabana campervan

The famous custom built Cabana campervan is fully equipped with everything two people need to explore New Zealand, including a double bed, gas cooker, CD player, radio, DVD player, fridge and even a kitchen sink.

Abel Tasman National park, New Zealand

The scenery in Abel Tasman National Park is incomparable to any other place on earth. A sailing trip is a peaceful way to experience the golden beaches, shallow lagoons and crystal clear waters. If your're lucky you will see dolphins too. Get inspired: Read about New Zealand